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Oxford Teachers' Academy牛津教师学院课程

  • In-service, online professional development courses, suitable for teachers with an initial qualification and some teaching experience
  • Certificate of Completion from Oxford University Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE)

Professional Development Program 教师职业发展项目

  • Developed for Chinese teachers, trainers and parents who would like to know more about language education
  • Carefully staged for attendees with different backgrounds and needs, flexible in the form of delivering content
  • 5 models: PD Talks, Associate Level, Boost Level, Core Level, Oxford Teachers’ Academy
  • PD Talks, Associate Level, Boost Level, Core Level, Oxford Teachers’ Academy

Teaching with Bear

  • Using a puppet to encourage interaction in English
  • Interviews with teacher trainer & author
  • Real classroom extracts

English for Primary Teachers

  • Based on English lessons from many countries
  • Ways to create effective learning conditions
  • Language acquisition through four skills

Cross-curricular Resources for Young Learners

  • Suitable for CLIL
  • Age-appropriate primary subjects
  • Attractive photocopiable worksheets

Techniques & Principles in Language Teaching

Third Edition 第3版
  • Content-based & task-based approaches
  • Digital technology chapters
  • Pre-course reading for MA students

A Course for Teachers

  • Ready-to-use course material and recommended reading for trainee teachers
  • A comprehensive guide to methodology and language learning

Oxford Key Concepts for the Language Classroom

Patsy M Lightbown and Nina Spada
  • Research-led instructional guides link the theories and pedagogy of second language acquisition with classroom practice
  • Each title includes Spotlight Studies about important researches, Classroom Snapshots about different approaches to learning and teaching, and Activities for comparison and reflection
Titles 书目
Focus on Assessment              Focus on Content-Based Language Teaching
Focus on Literacy                     Focus on Grammar and Meaning
Focus on Oral Interaction       Focus on Reading

Resource Books for Teachers

Series Editor: Alan Maley
  • The series offer useful advice and guidance with up to 100 ideas with variation for different teaching activities
  • 100项、适合不同教学活动的建议
Titles 书目
Advanced Learners                    Images
Beginners                                    The Internet
Classroom Dynamics                 Learner-based Teaching
Conversation                               Listening
Creative Poetry Writing             Literature 2nd Edition
Cultural Awareness                    Music and Song
Dictionaries                                  Newspapers
Drama and Improvisation          Project Work 2nd Edition
English for Specific Purposes    Pronunciation
Exam Classes                               Role Play
Film                                                Storybuilding
Global Issues                                Teaching Other Subjects through English
Grammar                                      Teenagers
Grammar Dictation                      Vocabulary 2nd Edition
Homework                                    Writing 2nd Edition
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Primary Resource Books for Teachers

Series Editor: Alan Maley

The series come with a wealth of creative activities with integrated language practice requiring minimal resources  

Titles 书目
Art and Crafts with Children             The Internet and Young Learners
Assessing Young Learners                Projects with Young Learners
Creating Chants and Songs              Storytelling with Children 2nd Edition
Creating Stories with Children         Very Young Learners
Drama with Children                         Writing with Children
Games for Children                            Young Learners

Oxford Introductions to Language Study

Series Editor: H G Widdowson
  • Written for teachers and students of linguistics and language studies
  • Brief and clear introductions to the main areas of language study with readings from key texts
Titles 书目
Applied Linguistics               Pragmatics
Discourse Analysis               Psycholinguistics
Grammar                               Second Language Acquisition
Historical Linguistics            Semantics
Language and Culture         Sociolinguistics
Language Testing                 Stylistics
Linguistics                              Translation

Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers

  • The series cover key concepts in different language teaching areas with typical and best practice, and provide practical suggestions
  • The series serve as a basis for teacher education courses and long-term reference for working teachers
Titles 书目
Communication in the Language Classroom     Teaching American English Pronunciation
Designing and Analyzing Language Tests           Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom
Doing Second Language Research                       Teaching Business English
Doing Task-Based Teaching                                  Teaching English as an International Language
English for Academic Purposes                            Teaching Second Language Listening
ESOL: A Critical Guide                                             Teaching Second Language Reading
Explaining English Grammar                                 Teaching the Pronunciation of English
as Lingua Franca
Exploring Learner Language                                 Teaching Young Language Learners
From Experience to Knowledge in ELT                Technology-Enhanced Language
How Languages are Learned 4th Edition            Putting CLIL into Practice
Intercultural Business Communication               Success in English Teaching
Oxford ESOL Handbook                                         Focus on Learning Technologies

​Oxford Basics

  • Each Oxford Basics book contains twenty-­five to thirty units between elementary and intermediate level. All the activities are simple and adaptable with ideas for boardwork, and pictures teachers can copy. Ideal for classrooms where there are few resources
  • Oxford Basics有25到30个单元,其课堂活动设计简单易用,是资源较少的课堂的理想教材
Titles 书目
Activities Using Resources                     Classroom English
Cross-curricular Activities                      Intercultural Activities
Introduction to Teaching English          Presenting New Language
Simple Listening Activities                      Simple Reading Activities
Simple Speaking Activities                      Simple Writing Activities
Teaching Grammar

Oxford Basics for Children

  • A series for teachers of young learners which provides adaptable teaching ideas in an easy-to-follow format
  • Each unit gives details of a lesson or activity including the language point, preparation and step-by-step guidelines for each stage. The series is especially suited to situations where access to resources is limited
Titles 书目
English Through Music                   Listen and Do
Starting and Ending Lessons         Storytelling
Vocabulary Activities

Into the Classroom

A series of short, practical guides that helps teachers of 6-16-year-olds meet the challenges of new teaching tools techniques and educational policy 

Titles 书目
Bringing creative teaching into the young learner classroom
Bringing online video into the classroom
Special Education Needs
Extensive Reading
Bringing technology into the classroom
Motivational Teaching
Mixed Ability Teaching

Oxford Applied Linguistics

Series Advisors: Anne Burns and Diane Larsen-Freeman
  • A wide range of award-winning works in language teaching written by the world’s famous educators
  • A series of titles providing thorough yet accessible coverage of topics at the forefront of applied linguistics and language use
Titles 书目
Ethnographic Perspectives on Academic Writing
Academic Publishing: Issues and Challenges in the Construction of Knowledge
Analyzing Learner Language
Aspects of Language Teaching
A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning
Complex Systems & Applied Linguistics
Context & Culture in Language Teaching
Controversies in Applied Linguistics
Conversational Interaction in Second Language Acquisition
Defining Issues in English Language Teaching
English as a Lingua Franca: Attitude & Identity
Form-focused Instruction & Teacher Education
Formulaic Language: Pushing the Boundaries
Fundamental Concepts of Language Teaching
Fundamental Considerations in Language Testing
A History of English Language Teaching 2nd Edition
Individual Freedom in Language Teaching
Input, Interaction & Corrective Feedback in L2 Learning
Language Assessment in Practice
Language Learner Strategies: 30 years of Research & Practice
Language Play, Language Learning
Language Testing in Practice
Lexical Phrases & Language Teaching
Linguistic Imperialism
Educating Second Language Teachers
Literacy & Language Teaching
Literacy & Second Language Oracy
The Multilingual Subject
The Phonology of English as an International Language
Practical Stylistics
Principle & Practice in Applied Linguistics
The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition
Second Language Learning in the Early School Years: Trends and Contexts
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics
Resisting Linguistic Imperialism in English Teaching
Second Language Research Methods
SLA Research & Language Teaching
Sociocognitive Perspectives on Language Use and Language Learning
Sociocultural Theory & Second Language Learning
Sociocultural Theory & the Genesis of Second Language Development
The Struggle to Teach English as an International Language
The Study of Second Language Acquisition 2nd Edition
Task-based Language Learning & Teaching
Teaching Language as Communication
Thinking about Language Teaching
Translation in Language Teaching
Understanding English as a Lingua Franca
Understanding Second Language Acquisition

Language Teaching: A Scheme for Teacher Education

C N Candlin and H G Widdowson
  • A useful resource for in-depth treatment of topics which can only be referred to briefly in general courses
Titles 书目
Discourse              Speaking into the classroom
Evaluation              Reading
Grammar               Syllabus Design
Listening                 Vocabulary
Pronunciation        Writing

ELT Journal

  • A quarterly publication for teaching English as a second or foreign language
  • Insights from related academic disciplines such as applied linguistics, education, psychology & sociology
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Applied Linguistics Journal

  • Researches related to real-world language problems
  • Multidisciplinary approaches to research
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